Erika F.

Alright let's describe this day a little from the start. I met this girl (Erika) earlier in 2013 while I was shooting a wedding with a good friend of mine @Marina Dekhtyar and she was a bridesmaid. After a few months Erika got a hold of me and asked for a photoshoot; which didn't happen for another few months. When I came to visit Seattle in Late March of 2014, I gave Erika a call and we set up this day. Originally it was suppose to be on a hike up one of the amazing Mts. of the PNW, but last minute we ended up going to downtown Seattle. 

Let's get to the fun part of this story! The moment we got there the sun was shining quite bright. It was absolutely gorgeous. Little did we both know though, a storm was brewing. (What can I say? This is Seattle.)  After an amazing start to this fun and long photoshoot it started to pour down rain. I wish I could describe to you how wet we got after the whole shoot, but lets leave it at, "we were soaked to the bone." Still, this trooper didn't give up and we completed our whole days photoshoot thanks to her being fine with shooting even after we were shivering from the cold.

If you have a second please take a look through these PNW inspired pictures.