Iphone Commericals

Super excited that you made it to this, super-secret part of the website! Below, you’ll find examples of various videos I’ve created in the past for brands. We can use this as inspiration for your brand’s project!

Example 1

This video style is a perfect blend of product and storytelling. A carefully placed product that doesn’t smack your consumers in the face helps them fall in love with the story you tell in your video, and markets your product in a natural way.

Example 3

Clothing and accessory brands in particular would best fit with this video style. The focus is more on your products, and would be a perfect way to debut a new line or product for your brand.

Example 5

If your brand is partnering with an influencer, this style is a great way for your consumers to be excited about the influencer wearing your product and seamlessly tell a happy story in under a minute!

Example 7

Storytelling is extremely important for your brand. Geared towards teenagers, this video capitalizes on happiness, being young, and having fun. It kind of makes you want to smile, huh?

Example 2

A bit of an edgier take on the previous video, this short video style would be perfect for selling on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Example 4

Your brand feel is just as important as your product. This video pushes a carefree, easygoing vibe that would resonate perfectly for a lifestyle brand looking to market to Gen Z.

Example 6

Still utilizing the influencer, this variation focuses more on product rather than the influencer.

Example 8

Emotions are everything. This style carries over the same happy, young vibe, while still making sure your product is at the forefront of your viewers.